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Category: Nutrition

Yedent Agro Group of Companies

Yedent Ghana Launches Yenam Soya

Yenam Soya is a high quality protein, mechanically processed from non genetic modified (Non GMO) soya bean seed locally produced in Ghana into textual spongy elastic chewiness particles, similar in texture to meat and therefore qualified nutritionally and chemically to be themed meat analogue or meat substitute. Yenam Soya contains 50% protein of its mass…
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Yedent: Producing Affordable Grains to Feed Malnourished Families in Ghana

​To address chronic malnutrition, this business developed a hybrid model that allows them to produce and distribute fortified cereals to the people who need it most. “How can I make healthy food easily available to my country’s poorest people?” In 2004, a desire to answer this question inspired Ghanaian entrepreneur Samuel “Kwame” Ntim to leave…
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